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How do I start?

Welcome to Timev! Just as you’d run over to the supermarket to buy groceries, you can now easily and quickly find a comprehensive repertoire of Services or Skills to benefit from and engage through Timev app. Timev is a Localised Skills/Expertise/Services Sharing, Learning and Procurement Platform that helps you discover cool services for your ease. You may select any Service from our extensive categories, view their details, check out the Seller’s profile and experience, and verify his/her service quality by going through the ratings and reviews.

Are the ratings and reviews real?

All ratings and reviews on Timev are contributed by previous Buyers based on their real experiences. It might be positive or negative comments, all of which are useful for you to determine the quality/performance of a specific Seller’s service. The rating of each Service is averaged out by all ratings contributed by Buyers whenever a Service is completed.

How do I choose the Seller?

You can compare different Sellers by checking out the information on their profiles, their ratings and reviews, and also reviewing their service related photos, which may contain Qualifications, Certifications, Awards, etc.

How do I connect to a Seller?

When you are viewing a Seller’s service, there is a “CHAT” button at the bottom of your screen. Click the button to easily communicate with the Seller by texting via our chat system. You may use this function to get more information on their Service, experience or availability, or even to fix an appointment date before you buy a Service.

How do I buy a Service?

If you decide to buy a service after viewing the details or chatting with a Seller, click on the “BUY” button located at the base of your screen right beside “CHAT” button. Then proceed to view your order summary.

What will be shown in the order summary?

The details include: Price of the Service Discounted amount from any promo voucher, and Final charges (total charged amount) minus any discount

How do I redeem a promo code?

Do you have a promo code? Claim it! Please go to “PROFILE” and click “PROMOTION” to enter a promo code. Once you input a given code and apply it, you will receive the related voucher and it will be displayed right below. Every voucher is valid only for 3 months, and it will be automatically redeemed when you purchase any Service via Timev. If you have 2 vouchers or above, the vouchers will be utilized by sequence based on dates claimed, which means “First in, first out”.

How do I make payment on Timev?

If there are no errors in your order summary, then you may proceed to make the payment by clicking “PAY NOW”. Then you will be directed to the payment gateway to complete the process.

What methods of payment does Timev accept?

All transactions online will be carried out through our payment gateway – MOLPay, and we do not accept any cash payment. Via MOLPay, you may conduct payments by credit card/debit card, online banking, or FPX.

Are my payment details safe when I make purchases on Timev?

Yes, it is safe! Our supporting payment gateway MOLPay is currently the best and safest online payment gateway that facilitates online merchants or e-commerce merchants’ online stores in Malaysia to process online transactions in Ringgit Malaysia currency (MYR) in large volumes. PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) compliant, MOLPay ensures secure processing of payment cards’ data, an early detection system, and prevention measures to avoid any upcoming security issues. MOLPay has also implemented tokenization services for all web and mobile-based payments that are similar to 1-click or 1-touch payment methods. With this new tokenization service, all a cardholder needs to do is to enter their Card Verification Value (CVV) and One-time password (OTP) to proceed with payment after their first purchase (without having to re-enter their card numbers the next time round). Credentials of the cardholders are tokenized and stored in a PCI-compliant secure vault. Cardholders can request to remove their tokens from MOLPay and add in a new token to represent another card, if need be.

Will I receive a receipt or invoice for my booking?

You will receive an invoice via email once you have completed the payment for every booking you make.

What should I do after payment completed?

Once the payment is completed, all you have to do is just enjoy the Service you procured which will be provided at the appointed date and time. We encourage you to rate and review the Seller’s Service after you’ve appropriated it to keep Service standards high and keep other users informed.

How do I view my “BOOKINGS”?

All transactions will be listed in your “BOOKINGS” list. There are two lists under “BOOKINGS”: “BOOKED” and “HISTORY”. BOOKED – Transactions listed here include Services which you have already paid for and are awaiting for the Seller to provide you (complete). Here, you may view Services you have bought and find out who is the Seller of each Service. And if you click into any Transaction, there is “CHAT” button for you to communicate with Sellers directly from there. HISTORY – Transactions which have been claimed by Sellers will be listed here. There will be three different labels: “Completed” represents Transactions that have been claimed paid for (credited to Sellers’ Earnings); “Investigating” represents Transactions you have reported which are being investigated by our Administrator; “Incomplete” represents Transactions that have been determined as Incomplete Services whereby payment will be refunded to you and the Seller will not receive any remuneration.

How do I know the Seller has claimed the payment?

You will receive a push notification to inform you that the Seller has claimed the payment, right after the Seller clicks on the “Job Complete” button via their site.

What should I do after the Seller claims the payment?

When you receive the push notification, please open our app WITHIN 3 DAYS to rate the service and leave a comment about the quality of the service or the performance of the Seller. If there is no response from you within 3 days, our System will automatically rate the service as 4 stars and the set ratings cannot be changed. What happens if you haven’t enjoyed the Service but the Seller has claimed your payment? Don’t worry! Before you give a rating, there is a “REPORT” button in the page. Click the “REPORT” button to input your issue accordingly in the following page, and then hit “SUBMIT”. NOTE that all reports must be sent to us WITHIN 3 DAYS from the time you received the push notification. Any report sent AFTER 3 DAYS will not be looked into, plus the related service will be rated as 4 stars and cannot be changed afterwards.

What are the guidelines for ratings and comments?

The ratings and reviews you give are beneficial to other Buyers and will affect Sellers’ profiles as well, so we sincerely urge you to keep your ratings and reviews as honest and accurate as possible. The Ratings are made out of an average evaluation of the overall performance of the Seller; while Reviews are comments on a Seller’s merit or demerits after having performed a Service.

When should I report a transaction?

There are several circumstances when you should make a report: Seller has claimed the payment but failed to appear or perform properly during a Service transaction; Seller has claimed the payment but failed to complete the Service or the Service was interrupted/disrupted due to unpredictable circumstances during a service transaction. Seller has completed the service but you are not satisfied with it. You may settle with giving less than satisfactory ratings and Review his/her Service, instead of making a Report; especially, considering the fact that the Seller has tried to complete an integral Service to the society, but his/her performance did not meet your expectations.

How long till I get a response for my Report and how long will it take for a dispute to be resolved?

Please be assured that your report will be looked into by our administrator within 3 business days from the time of receipt. We will investigate the matter, seek to resolve all disputes and inform you of the conclusion within 14 days.

How will Timev refund my payment?


Can I cancel my booking?

Currently, you are not allowed to cancel a booking once you have made payment. When a Service transaction has been confirmed, the Seller will start preparing to perform a Service, and this may incur time and cost. We encourage you to communicate your enquiries and appointed time of Service clearly with the Seller, prior to purchasing his/her service. We sincerely appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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