Seller FAQs

How do I become a Seller?

All you need is to sign up for an account with email address or Facebook! Once you have signed up successfully, you may become a Seller and start to upload your Service.

How do I upload my Service?

Please go to ”Profile” on the right bottom in the app. Click on ”New Service” button and start filling in your service or skill information:

  1. Upload a maximum of 4 related photos, sized 640 X 360 px (landscape orientation).
  2. Choose a suitable category your service belongs to.
  3. Give your service a detailed title – minimum 10 characters, maximum 60 characters.
  4. Describe your service and add in the selling points, your experience and other related information – minimum 50 characters, maximum 800 characters.
  5. Duration of your service, either per time or by hour.
  6. Decide a reasonable price for your service.
  7. Select area(s) your service can be delivered.
  8. Final step, upload a clear photo of your Identity Card or Passport.

After completing the above, preview and submit if all are in order. Return if you need to edit the information.

Why does Timev need my NRIC/Passport?

We need you to submit your NRIC/Passport for office use and to state that you have a legal identity to provide a paid Service in Malaysia. Your NRIC/Passport information will not be shared with any third party, and it will only be shared with relevant law enforcement units for investigation purposes when requested by the Law.

How long does it take for Administrator to respond to service I submitted?

After submitting your Service, our Administrator will respond within 5 business days. If your service is approved, it will be listed in the specific Service Category and Buyers may view and purchase your Service. In the event your service is disapproved, you may go to the “PROFILE” section and select the Service with the “Rejected” label on it to edit the particulars based on the provided reasons for rejection. Once you’re done fixing that, you may re-submit your posting for approval.

How does the Buyer connect with ME?

When a Buyer is viewing your Service details, he/she may click the “CHAT” button at the base to inquire through our chat system. You may share more information about your Service or discuss and fix a Service appointment with the Buyer. However, we urge you to avoid sharing any personal information with Buyers, including mobile number, NRIC/Passport, address, etc.This is to protect both you and the Buyer to maintain a professional business relationship. In case of any incident, Timev would need the conversation history to take necessary action for investigation purposes.

How do I start providing my Service to customers?

When you receive a confirmed appointment push notification, it means you’ve got a new customer for your Service! Now all that’s left is to prepare for your Service appointment and give your best. Go to “PROFILE” and click “APPOINTMENTS” to view who booked your service and which service they booked. Your Buyers will be listed under “REQUESTED” before you claim payment.

How do I claim my earnings?

Thanks for providing your best Service! Now you may go to “APPOINTMENTS” and click on the related Transaction under the “REQUESTED” list. You will see a “JOB COMPLETE” button; please click it! Then go to your “EARNINGS” in “PROFILE” and you will see that your remuneration has been credited to your earnings account.

How do I view my “APPOINTMENT”?

There are two lists in “APPOINTMENT”: “REQUESTED” and “HISTORY”. REQUESTED – Transactions listed here include the Services which Buyers have already paid for and are waiting for you (the Seller) to complete. Here, you may view who the Buyer is and which service he/she has booked from you. And if you click into any Transaction, there are two buttons: “CHAT”, for you to communicate with Buyers directly on the same page, and “JOB COMPLETE”, for you to claim your remuneration after the Service is completed. HISTORY – Transactions you have claimed will be listed here. There will be three different labels: “Completed” represents Transactions that have been claimed and where payment has been credited to your Earnings; “Investigating” represents Transactions that have been reported by our Buyer and are being investigated by our Administrator; “Incomplete” represents Service Transactions that are deemed Incomplete where the payment will be refunded to the Buyer and you (the Seller) will not receive any remuneration for.

Where do I to enter my receivable bank account details?

Of course, you have to provide your bank account details first so that you can withdraw your earnings. Please go to “PROFILE” and click “EARNINGS”, then click the “BANK” icon (upper right corner) in the following page. Lastly, please enter your bank account details and submit it, that’s it! (Click here for a visual Tutorial). REMINDER: Please ensure that you input your correct bank details. We will credit the earnings to your account based on the exact bank account number you provided.

When will my earnings be credited to my bank account?

Payment for Transactions will be automatically settled on a weekly basis, meaning Transactions from Saturday (first day) to Friday (last day) will be settled by the following Wednesday. If the Settlement date falls on a non-Business Day, it will be remitted on the next Business Day. For example: All payment for Transactions in Transaction Period 1 will be settled on Settlement Day 1, and Transaction Period 2 will be settled on Settlement Day 2, and so on.

What will happen if my claimed transaction was reported by a Buyer?

God forbid that happens to you, but if it does you may have to deal with two possible conclusions as follows: First Scenario: The Buyer is the losing party based on the supporting evidences provided in a dispute and the payment made will be credited back to your Earnings (Seller) on the date of conclusion, and can be withdrawn on the following settlement date. The related Transaction will be automatically rated as 3 stars. Second Scenario: The Seller is the losing party based on supporting evidences provided in a dispute, and the payment will be refunded to the Buyer. Each refunded transaction and its related Seller will be recorded in our system and we reserve all right to terminate the account of a Seller who accumulates up to 3 blacklisted refunds and engages in irresponsible behaviour repeatedly.

How can I defend myself incase of a disputed transaction?

In any Service area, we understand that sometimes there may be misunderstandings among Buyers and Sellers. So we encourage you to communicate your Services clearly by texting with your Buyer through our chat system and defining your Service parameters properly. The data/content in our chat system will be recorded and can be used as supporting evidence during an investigation. Otherwise, we also earnestly suggest for you to take photos to portray your completion of a Service.

What should I do if I wish to stop providing a Service?

You may go to “PROFILE” and select the Service which you wish to stop providing, then click “INACTIVE SERVICE” in the following page. Once you inactivate a Service, it will not be shown in any of our Service Categories for public viewing, but it will still remain in your Service list and you may reactivate it anytime you wish. However, note that you bear complete responsibility to complete the Appointments requested by Buyers before you decided to inactivate your Service. Gentle reminder: The content of Services are unalterable, neither Active or Inactive.

How do I build my business image/branding with Timev?

Upload good quality service-related photos with clear and complete service descriptions including experience, qualifications and a reasonable price. Share your professional Timev profile on your own social media channels to get more exposure. Provide excellent services to all Customers from the first point of contact – right up until after-sales service. Go the extra mile whenever you can. Get your customers to Rate and Comment on your Service to achieve higher ranking.

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