English is the essential language for business success at the current world. Especially in Asia, more people are studying English than other languages to improve communication efficiency in business. When you travel for work to any country, English is a must to know too.


General Phrases

  • My name is Paige, nice to meet you.
  • How long have you worked here?
  • I was in the service industry for the past two years.
  • Thank you for guiding me through.


Daily Office Phrases

  • What time does the meeting start (or finish)?
  • The reception is on the ground floor.
  • I will be free after lunch time.
  • Where is the photocopier?
  • Could please you help me to set up the printer?


  • The system is down at the moment.
  • I am not able to access my emails.
  • Are you guys having internet issues too?


Absence From Work

  • Kelly is on maternity leave, you may pass the project to me.
  • Our director is currently away, how may I help you?



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