English idioms, proverbs, and expressions are an important part of everyday English. You would not want to say just “Hi, how are you?”, but more like a native speaker. Here are the top 10 English idioms you should know!


1. Break a leg

Meaning: Good luck.

Example in sentence: “Break a leg dear, I’m sure your singing performance on stage will be fantastic.”


2. One in a blue moon

Meaning: an event that happens infrequently.

Example in sentence: “I only go to the old shopping mall once in a blue moon, nothing excites me there.”


3. Piece of cake

Meaning: Something is easy to complete.

Example in sentence: “The assignment from Dr Raj was a piece of cake, I have completed it in 2 hours.”


4. Ball is in your court

Meaning: It is up to you to make the next move or decision.

Example in sentence: “The ball is in your court, don’t mess this up again.”


5. Crunch time

Meaning: the period of time just before an important task has to be done and everyone has to work hard

Example in sentence: “My sister is not getting enough sleep these days, it is crunch time at school.”


6. Hang in there

Meaning: Just wait and be patient

Example in sentence: “Hang in there, we are on our way to save you.”


7. Freak out

Meaning: Become scared, excited or angry

Example in sentence: “Ladies, don’t freak out. I’m getting married next month.”


8. Miss the boat

Meaning: To miss an opportunity

Example in sentence: “I may have missed the boat, the walk-interview session is over.”


9. Think on your feet

Meaning: Adapt to changes and make quick decisions.

Example in sentence: “A company director must think on his feet in ensuring his employees’ productivity.”


10. Back-room Boys

Meaning: The backstage guys with no contact with the public.

Example in sentence: “Our programming team has always been back-room boys, let’s introduce them to our loyal



English idioms are not that hard to learn, as long as you practise them in daily life. Break a leg!


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